White Global Holdings (WGH) is a Singapore-based homeland security and advanced technologies company.

In all that we do with our robust, highly-engineered products and always-ready services, we provide top-notch hardware and software solutions to a wide array of customers. Our customers range from the public sector to the private sector, across Asia Pacific.


At WGH, we anticipate and mitigate risk with agile end-to-end solutions that meet our customers’ mission-critical needs across all domains. We guide customers through the process of Consultancy, R&D through to Integration to provide them with the best possible solution.

What We Do

Strategic Consultancy
Research & Development
Complete System Integration

In addition to orchestrating fully-integrated projects, we also act as the regional representative of our business partners, all of whom are key players in the global security industry.

White Global Holdings focuses on championing the industry by providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to our customers, for their projects covering:


  • The public service sector such as homeland security, intelligence, surveillance, disaster management and search and rescue
  • Critical mission infrastructure such as telecommunications, grid, data centres

By partnering with companies at the forefront of their respective fields, we are able to provide quality working solutions in the following areas:

  • Surveillance and maritime security using unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Long distance observation via the use of HD cameras and counter surveillance screening devices
  • Thermal detection equipment
  • Digital aiming devices
  • Target training and battle simulation systems
  • Tactical lighting and loudspeaker systems
  • Covert systems through the use of secure and encrypted communications
  • Radars and Jammers
  • Body-worn cameras
  • SAR/disaster management equipment
  • Quadruped robot dogs

Our commitment to our customers

Over the years, White Global Holdings has established itself as a provider of stellar service to both its customers and manufacturers. We build lasting relationships which drive sustainable business through years of commitment and loyalty. We are not short sighted by shorter term commercial gains. Rather, we focus on making wise decisions in the interest of forging long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our customers and partners hail from countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Indonesia, Israel and China, just to name a few. They carry established products with proven track records of being market leaders in their respective niche sectors. As such, we strive to continuously pursue global research to ensure we are empowering our customers worldwide with avant garde technology and innovation. Because of our commitment to quality and service, we are literally there with our customers everywhere they go.


Forward-looking solutions that solve our customers’ toughest challenges.

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White Global Holdings is managed by an experienced, dynamic and multicultural group of people with diverse backgrounds spanning the following areas:

Information Technology
Business Management
Research and Development
International Organizations, etc.

Our talents band together to tirelessly deliver a winning combination of management, implementation and delivery to our partners and clients, backed by exemplary customer service and unrivalled solutioning.

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